There’s A Brutal New Dating App That Tells You Exactly How Hot You Are



Some of you ugly mofos out there may not like hearing the cold, harsh truth, but for those of us that do, dating app ‘Once’ is here to evaluate exactly how attractive or unattractive you are.

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The UK app’s brutal rating system is completely algorithm-driven and rates you on a scale of 1-5. Although other dating apps lowkey use algorithms that rank users behind the scenes, Once’s creator says there’s no use in protecting users’ feelings when it comes to finding a match.

CEO Jean Meyer says:

[Ranking algorithms] are the unspoken secrets of the dating industry. We know we’re doing it, we know our competition is doing it, so why not be transparent?

Meyer says users knowing how conventionally attractive they are in comparison to everyone else in the dating world can help them target more realistic matches — rather than having them sort through potentials they have no shot at or no interest in.

To understand its ranking algorithm, it helps to picture a game: If a poor player beats a skilled one, their rating rises. So if someone with a low rating suddenly matches with a total hottie, they inch closer to a 5 — and, with any luck, some high-ranking love.

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This also means that the conventionally attractive 4s and 5s have most of the power:

The higher you rank, the more weight your likes have.

Which makes sense if you think about it. Just like in real life, those who are more attractive yield more power and have more advantages. All the app is doing is reflecting the real world. 

Not to worry though, because we all know it’s what’s on the inside that counts:

We are disclosing the rate of how your pictures are perceived, it doesn’t mean you’re ugly or you’re beautiful. It only reflects one attribute of who you are — your pictures.


If you’d rather take your chances on the dating app designed for ugly Tinder rejects, click HERE.



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