Crab On The Run After Not Paying Train Fare On His Morning Commute


He sidestepped that one.

A live crab was spotted getting off the train at Cheltenham Spa the other day. The train had travelled from Manchester Piccadilly, although it’s not clear where the crab had jumped on to get to Gloucestershire.

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17-year-old Bethany Jenkins, who was also a passenger on the train, had no clue where the crab had come from:

It was just crawling through the D carriage and people were quite shocked and making jokes.

When we stopped at Cheltenham some people picked it up and put it on the platform, and told one of the conductors.

They managed to find a bag to put it in and he took it up to the office. I’ve no clue how it got on!

Apparently the crab is now on the run, as he did not pay for a ticket. Cross Country Trains said the crab was initially escorted off after trying to sidestep paying, but he managed to get away from the train staff and did a runner. So if any of you up in Gloucestershire spot a rogue crab knocking about, send him into the police station ASAP.

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