This Olympian Celebrated By Ordering His Weight In McDonald’s Food

McDonald's Olympic Loss

After four years of clean eating, that’s gonna taste good.

It must be pretty tough when you train for four years to make it to the Olympics and then get knocked out of your chosen discipline fairly quickly – how are you supposed to deal with that?

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I’m not really sure what the answer is, but Australian badminton player Sawan Serasinghe ended his Olympic campaign on Saturday with a loss to Chinese Taipei and immediately decided to binge out on McDonald’s food to make up for months of clean eating that unfortunately didn’t really amount to anything:

That’s a lot of McDonald’s, but I suppose when they’re giving them away free in the Olympic Village it’s not really that big a deal to order all that at once. Not sure if he managed to eat it all in one sitting though, and even if he did I’m pretty sure if he’s been eating clean for months then he’s gonna be coming out with some absolutely disgusting turds today after eating all that. Even if he only ate the nuggets I would dread to see/smell them.

Still, I suppose it’s not a bad way to deal with a crushing Olympic loss. I mean it’s better than getting vomited on and robbed, right?


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