Old Video Game Adverts Are Completely Bizarre And Hilarious


We delve into the YouTube vaults to find bizzaro adverts for video games from back in the day. Everyone involved must have been doing a lot of coke. And we don’t mean cola.

Nowadays, advertising for video games is a fine art. Billions of dollars are thrown at making sleek, sexy adverts designed to part gamers from their dosh so they can stay up all night off their tits on energy drinks shooting nOObz in the head and exclaiming “FAG LOL”.

But not too long ago, adverts for video games lacked polish and were either cheesy, bizarre, shit, comedic or a combination of all of the above. YouTube has a ton of them and I have dug up the best examples for your viewing pleasure.

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US Commercial For The Legend Of Zelda, 1987

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The NES classic, now revered as a gaming milestone, was sold to the Yanks via some 80s nerd schtick and adorably naff white-boy rapping. We’re pretty sure Eminem watched this back in the day and it was the moment that set him on the long and winding path to his future career. Also, note how the kids in this vid say “wicky-wicky” at one point, thus predating Will Smith’s use of the term in Wild Wild West by a good 15 years or so. Pioneering stuff.

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