Old Photograph Of Kevin Spacey Partying With A Bare Bottomed Man Re-Emerges

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Kevin Spacey is probably still one of the biggest names in Hollywood despite the fact he’s recently left the big screen for the most part to star in House Of Cards, but rumours about what he liked to get up to in his spare time still dogged him wherever he went.

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Not that it’s anyone’s business of course, but I doubt these rumours are going to go away any time soon following the re-emergence of this photograph. It was first taken in 2008 and published on the gossip site Just Jared over in the US and is alleged to have been taken in the party town of Hvar, Croatia back in 2008.

In it, Spacey is seen laughing and having a good time with friends, whilst an unknown man with his butt hanging out is draped across his lap. Not really sure what’s going on there, but knowing Hvar I imagine he was hanging out on a yacht, partying the night away and probably getting naked with his buddies.

Looks like he was having a blast, right? And fair play to him, long may it continue. He works pretty hard entertaining us as Frank Underwood these days, if he wants to hang out on yachts with guys pulling down their trousers in front of him, it’s OK with us.

For more Kevin Spacey, here he is photobombing everyone in sight. Legend.


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