Elderly Business Owner Brutally Beaten While Trying To Defend His Business From Looters (VIDEO)

Shocking footage.

Kenosha, Wisconsin is the latest American city to descend into chaos, with riots and looting kicking off over the horrific police-related shooting of Jacob Blake last Saturday.

I’m not sure what looting ordinary people’s businesses and destroying their livelihoods does to help the cause, but one desperate old man turned up with a fire extinguisher to at least limit the damage as his store went up in flames. As looters escaped the premises, he sprayed at them with the fire extinguisher, and then this happened:

The good news is that the 70-year-old man is going to be OK and is already out of hospital, although he was left with a broken jaw, black eye and stitches. The person who filmed the footage has also shared this GoFundMe which has thus far racked up $13,000 for the victim, so that’s good:

The question is – when will this madness end? It looks as though these cities don’t have the police resources to control the riots and looting and so they’re just leaving them to it and are hoping they get bored or something. But that’s not going to happen as long as police keep shooting people for no good reason and it’s definitely not going to happen if Trump gets re-elected in November. Which, ironically, has more of a chance of happening the more these idiots keep rioting and looting and knocking out 70-year-old men.

Best wishes to Bob as he recovers from the assault and let’s hope America figures itself out sooner rather than later.

For the protester who tried to fight armed police in Portland and got absolutely BLASTED with pepper spray, click HERE.


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