The DNA Results For The Knife Found Buried On OJ Simpson’s Estate Are In

There’s something not quite right about this.

A couple weeks back it was revealed that a construction worker had found a knife buried on the perimeter of OJ Simpson’s old estate and handed it to an off-duty policeman he spotted across the street.

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The policeman held onto it as a souvenir for years, until one of his colleagues realised and forced him to hand it in recently.

Well, turns out LAPD detectives found no matches after running DNA testing on the knife. Apparently the microbes in the soil degraded any DNA to the point it was impossible to get a meaningful result.

Upon hearing this, OJ, who’s in prison anyway for a crime unrelated to the murder of his wife and her friend, joked:

If the knife is rusted, I can’t be busted.


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Well, what the fuck. How do you not find anything on that knife? Yeah I know the soil degraded but maybe get an independent body to run tests on the knife instead of just leaving it to the LAPD who probably aren’t even too bothered seeing as the case closed years ago and OJ is in prison anyway.

Also have to mention it’s a bit weird how this knife suddenly pops up 12 years later and in the middle of a TV series about OJ Simpson. Something tells me that’s not just a coincidence, the same way its star Cuba Gooding Jr is suddenly being filmed dancing on tables and sucking on fans’ mobile phones.


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