Cuba Gooding Jr Was Filmed At A Miami Club Eating A Fan’s Mobile Phone

Cuba Gooding Jr Eat Cellphone

He’s the Juice baby.

Cuba Gooding Jr hasn’t really done THAT much of note since winning an Oscar for Jerry Maguire way back in 1995, but he’s back on our screens this year in American Crime Story: The People Vs OJ Simpson and it seems to have thrust him somewhat back into the public eye.

So much so that the fact that he goes out partying in a Miami nightclub is a big deal. There were claims that he was trying to re-enact the club scene from the show’s fourth episode, but it looks to me like he was just having a good time.

In fact, so much of a good time that when a fan tries to take a picture of him with his cell phone, he decides to put it in his mouth and try and eat it. Perfectly normal response right? The fans look pretty happy with it at least.

All through this it should be noted that he had his shirt off around his head and that he was grinding to some Rick Ross on a table too. Looks like he’s loving being back in the spotlight:

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I suppose that’s no more wild than an above average night out when you’re dancing on the bar with your top off, right? Happens to us all – at least he didn’t take a shit on the dance floor like this dude once.


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