OJ Simpson Gets Brutally Swerved By A Young Fan Who Definitely Didn’t Want To Kiss Him

The Juice is running out of juice.

By all accounts, OJ Simpson is not a good dude. I don’t need to go into how he (allegedly) murdered his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman to convince you of that. And yet somehow he’s still embraced as some kind of viral celebrity, to the point that young ladies in bars jump at the chance to get him in their Instagram stories.

But just because a young blonde lady wants a picture with the NFL Hall of Famer and (alleged) murderer, it doesn’t mean she’s trying to snog him, does it? Clearly not. And clearly getting young ladies to kiss you isn’t easy after you murder your ex-wife (allegedly). Still, fair play to him for trying. Better luck next time though.

For the time OJ Simpson boasted about rough sex with Kris Jenner that ‘sent her to hospital’, click HERE. Blimey.


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