Ohio Man Arrested Over Terrorism Plan To Bomb D.C.

FBI arrest man for terror plot in DC. Guns, bombs, and mayhem were planned.

Here we go again, yet another nutter trying to blow stuff up. Christopher Cornell of Cincinnati, Ohio, was arrested for terrorism related plans to bomb the USA Capitol Building and shoot government officials. His formal charges are possession of a firearm in furtherance of an attempted crime of violence as well as attempting to kill a US government officer.

christopher cornell

Mr. Cornell researched how to make pipe bombs and purchased 600 rounds of ammo and assault rifles as he plotted. He also made travel plans further sealing the evidence that he intended to commit this violent terrorist attack. The FBI made contact with Cornell via Twitter under his assumed name Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah. Under this alternative Twitter account he posted videos, photos, and statements indicating his alliance with ISIS.

According to Cornell, he contacted an ISIS fighter in the Middle East but didn’t think they would use him for any attacks in America. When speaking to a FBI informant he suggested that they:

…should wage jihad under our own orders and plan attacks and everything.

Cornell’s father, John, claims that:

He’s a big mama’s boy, you know. His best friend is his kitty cat…There’s no way he could have carried out any kind of terrorist plot. I think Chris was coerced into a lot of this.

Way to be embarrass him, dad! To be fair, the FBI has openly admitted on several occasions that they “push” suspects into plans to commit illegal acts. They feel this isn’t immoral or against any laws. Well, I say it’s bang out of order frankly…

It’s unclear whether Cornell planned these attacks by himself or with the help of others but at this time it appears he was planning to act alone. If so, this is yet another example of lone wolf terrorism in the USA. We would also like to add that while the trend seems to be this constant assault on the Western way of life, plots are rare and are most of the time foiled by law enforcement. Glad they got this nutcase though, could have been extremely messy had they not.


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