Play Along Tonight With The Official Donald Trump Inauguration Drinking Game



Most of you reading are probably from the UK (not all, but most) but no matter where you’re from, I think it’s safe to say that we will all be tuning into the shitshow that will be the Donald Trump inauguration tonight.

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This is the most controversial, hated and unwanted President to enter the White House and already protestors are doing their bit. Whether you agree with his policies or you (hopefully) don’t, we’ve got a game that everyone can enjoy – the Donald Trump inauguration drinking game. You can either drown your sorrows or celebrate the night. So here are the rules, as outlined by Rolling Stone. Drink every time:

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  1. Trump deploys the “pinchy fingers” rhetorical maneuver, holding his hands out to his sides and waving them back and forth with Spaghetti-Oed mini-fingers. (@jasonweiler)
Make it a double if he uses his trademark “high-fives (or high-tens) the invisible ghost in front of him” move. (@PentaTronic)
  2. Trump berates or insults a media outlet, or gloats about one that is dying or dead. (@brittanygrogan)
  3. Mike Pence holds a fake smile for 30 consecutive seconds. (@keithchaput)
  4. Trump name-checks a celebrity, or references ‘The Apprentice’. (@dwfriedheim)
  5. Trump praises someone who until recently was a political enemy. Jager shot for Paul Ryan. (@LotusBroxton)
  6. Trump doubles up a modifier, i.e. “many, many” or “very, very.” (@pat_donovan)
  7. The crowd chants “Lock her up!” (@DrKaz)
  8. Trump makes preemptive excuses for his incipient failures. This could mean just about anything, including long excoriations on the “mess” and “disaster” his predecessor left for him to clean up. (@superiorwang)
  9. Trump references the popular vote vs. the Electoral College. Double if he claims he would have won the popular vote if he’d wanted to. (@RobJRII)
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There you have. Follow these rules then you should be quite squiffy soon into the whole event. Good luck and have fun.

If you’ve run out of liver-damaging activities by Sunday, why not try the ‘Withnail and I’ drinking game’?



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