Stunning BBC Footage Shows An Octopus Casually Strolling On Dry Land


Are they supposed to do that?

Octopuses are fairly terrifying when you think about it – if they’re big enough then they could probably suffocate you alive fairly easily, but the one saving grace from this would be that if you made it out of the water then you would probably be OK.

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Or so you would have thought until you encountered this extraordinary new species found in Northern Australia. Land doesn’t seem to be a problem for this kind of octopus, as it hits the beach to hunt crabs in behaviour that has never been seen before:

Geez – that thing is goddamn freaky. I never thought I’d be scared of an octopus, but here we are. I’ll add it to the list.

For more octopuses, check out this one grabbing a seagull from behind and then suffocating it. They’re evolving man.


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