‘Obsessed’ Man Who Planned To Kidnap Holly Willoughby Shares Video Of ‘Abduction Kit’



When news first came out that ex-Pizza Hut worker Gavin Plumb had been arrested for plotting to kidnap Holly Willoughby, the whole internet was taking the p1ss out of him because he weighed 35 stone and no one believed he was capable of getting out of bed, let alone kidnapping someone.

Well, it turns out that Gavin Plumb was extremely serious about not only kidnapping Holly Willoughby, but raping and murdering her, and had been plotting the whole thing for 2 years before he was caught.

Here’s a video of his ‘abduction kit’ which was played at Plumb’s trial at Chelmsford Crown Court this week, which includes ankle shackles, a ball gag, rope, metal cable ties and handcuffs. Yikes…

The court heard how Plumb had communicated with an undercover police officer based in the US at the beginning of October 2023, which ultimately led to Plumb’s arrest. When the officer asked when Plumb wanted to do the kidnap, Plumb said “as soon as been planning it for about 2 and a half years”.

In a voice note sent to the undercover officer, Plumb said: “We’re then gonna force her to make a video just saying that she come with us under her own free will erm that she’s with us under her own free will and she’s fully consenting into everything we do to her so that covers us.”

Gavin Plumb, 37, from Harlow, is accused of plotting to kill Holly Willoughby

Plumb also revealed he’d sent DMs to Holly Willoughby on social media informing her that he’d seen nude images of her on the internet, and in his warped mind this was somehow going to lead to Holly Willoughby offering him favours so he could take them down.

In one message to Holly Willoughby, Plumb wrote “Hi Holly I doubt you’ll even reply but I wanted to see if you are aware that there is some very real looking images of you online”. Plumb later wrote to the undercover officer: “If she responds I’ll tell her that I could get them removed depending on she’ll do for me lol”.

Obviously, that didn’t quite work out the way he hoped, and so he had to settle for the abduction/rape/murder plan. Before proceeding with that though, the undercover officer convinced Plumb to send him a video selfie saying the code word “Holly” so he could confirm he was a real person, and of course, Gavin did as he was told. Whoops.

Security guard, 37, made 'graphic plans' to 'kidnap, rape and murder TV  presenter Holly Willoughby with a US accomplice' after developing an  'obsession' with the TV star | Daily Mail Online

Plumb told the officer that once their attack on Holly was over, he would “slit her throat”, dispose of any DNA evidence, then dispose of her body “in a lake somewhere”. The officer replied: “Love that I found someone where this isn’t fantasy, I get so tired of dealing with guys where something like this isn’t real.” Plumb replied: “Me too”.

The court also saw a Microsoft Word document written by Gavin Plumb titled ‘Wishes’, consisting of four pages of text in which Plumb set out his ambitions and wishes for life. It included a list of women that he wanted to have control over; Holly Willoughby was the first name on this list.

Plumb had also scouted an abandoned farm as a location to keep Holly Willoughby which would be her “new home and new way of living”. He also looked into booking an ITV studio tour during Willoughby’s time as a host on This Morning and whether it would involve meeting her, and how he could “follow her home” afterwards.

Elizabeth Cook/PA Imahges Court drawing of Gavin Plumb on the right

In another message, Gavin Plumb posted a photo of Holly Willoughby and wrote: “She’s wearing things like this for a reason which is to tease us guys – she’s getting punishment for all the teasing.”

What a guy. Fortunately we are dealing with a complete imbecile here and so the undercover officer over in the US had more than enough information to share with British authorities to ensure this kidnap plot was taken seriously. I doubt he would have been able to pull it off one way or another, even if he hadn’t revealed every detail of his dumb plan to an undercover officer on the internet beforehand, but it’s still good to know Gavin Plumb will be off the streets for a very long time.

The trial continues…

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