Road Rage Leads To Driver Doing ‘Your Mum’ Jokes Until Biker Punches Him Straight In The Face (VIDEO)

How much would you like to see this face get smashed? Well you’re in luck.

Of all our years posting road rage videos and street fights onto the internet, I don’t think we’ve ever been happier to see a guy get clocked in the mouth than this buck-toothed loud-mouth.

He pushes the biker’s buttons with the most basic “your momma” jokes of all time (followed by the most trollish laugh ever), before attempting to shag the guy’s bike. That’s when our dude with the helmet cam has enough.

(Forward to about 3:10)

We all know violence isn’t the answer and that whole situation could’ve been avoided but I’m not gonna lie – it was very satisfying watching that guy get popped in the lip. When you’re that disrespectful and obnoxious it’s going to happen sooner or later.

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