NYC Karen Coughs Everywhere After Being Called Out For Not Wearing A Mask In A Bagel Shop

The new Bagel Boss?

The lockdown restrictions are easing up and for many this seem to mean that they can go back to living life as normal before the pandemic and are swiftly disregarding all information regarding social distancing and wearing a mask in public etc.

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This might not be so bad – we can’t really tell until in a few month’s time when we’ll either see a second wave or we won’t – but other people like the woman in this video really do need to reign it in and stop being obnoxious assholes about the whole situation. The clip comes from New York City, where a woman’s reaction to being called out for not wearing a mask in a bagel shop is to simply cough all over everyone:

I mean everything about that video is wrong isn’t it? Surely even if you were adamant that you didn’t want to wear a mask for whatever reason, then you would realise that it’s not going to help anyone or yourself to go and cough in someone’s face like that. Ridiculous.

Favourite part is when she’s shouting ‘say it to my face’ at the start of the video – the pair of them are literally in a queue and the woman questioning her is more than happy to engage with her directly? Seems a really weird thing for her to call her out on, but I guess that’s just the Karen mentality in full flow.

Anyway, I imagine she’s probably been identified by now at this point and has probably lost her job/is in the middle of having her life ruined. That’s just what you get these days.

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