A Karen Went Berserk At Waiting Staff For Having To Wait For A Table For 3 Hours On Mother’s Day


One of the best side effects of the Coronavirus pandemic is the rise of the Karen meme which may have existed before but has definitely come to prevalence during this time.

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If you’re unsure what a Karen is, then the video below should illustrate it perfectly. It’s basically that middle aged woman that’s never satisfied and is always complaining and always wants to talk to the manager.

The video features one of these woman who seems completely unaware of the global pandemic that’s occurring at the moment and went completely psycho at the staff at a restaurant because she had to wait three hours for a table on Mother’s Day in the US (it’s a different day to when it occurs over here). Anyway, watch and learn:

I mean what do people who are heading out to restaurants during the pandemic expect? That it’s going to be exactly the same as previously? There’s obviously reduced staff and new safety measures to contend with so it’s not exactly going to be smooth sailing is it? No need to go mental and punch the workers, I’m sure they’re doing the best they can in very contentious and scary conditions.Don’t be a Karen.

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