Watch This Nutcase Jump Off A 50 Foot Cliff Without Looking And Break Himself On A Boat

Cliff Diver

Somehow he only broke his arm and suffered a concussion.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m probably never going to jump off a 50 foot cliff in my life, but chances are that if I was ever going to do that then I would make sure that the water was clear before I did it.

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Unfortunately for the guy in this video he isn’t as smart as me. He decided to jump off the cliff over in Portugal all cavalier style like he was a complete and utter badass, but he ended up paying the price as he jumped into a touring ship that was coming out of a cave.

This looks pretty goddamn painful:

Oh boy. Miraculously, the guy didn’t even end up dying and managed to escape with a broken arm and a mild concussion. I mean sure, that’s not exactly great for the dude but I would legitimately think that jumping into something like that would probably end up killing you. Lucky escape for the guy – maybe he’ll look before he leaps next time he decides to jump off a cliff.

For more cliff diving, check out this guy performing some of the most insane cliff dives off all time over in Vancouver. Way more sensible than the guy in this video.


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