The Number Of Confirmed UK Coronavirus Cases Has Jumped To 85

An epidemic is now likely.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news re: Coronavirus yet again, but it turns out that we are actually in the middle of an epidemic as the number of confirmed sufferers has almost doubled overnight after 34 new people were diagnosed in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number now to 85.

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Here’s what Professor Chris Whitty has to say about it all in an attempt to reassure everyone:

29 of the new cases have recently travelled from countries where coronavirus has spread, but at this point in time it’s unsure where the other three have contracted the disease.

The fact that there is now onward transmission in the UK means that an epidemic is likely and we’ll be looking at getting retired NHS doctors to help.

For the great majority of people this will be a mild or moderate disease, anything from a sniffle to having to go to bed for a few days rather like with mild flu.

And there are some people who will get it with no symptoms at all, but for a minority of people – and this is particular in people who are older people or people with pre-existing health conditions – the risk is higher.

The NHS will always cope because the NHS is an emergency service which is very good at adapting to what it finds itself with.

I mean I guess it’s great he’s putting a brave face on and trying to comfort everyone, but the way that things seem to be escalating with Coronavirus and quarantines and supermarket shelves being empty, it kinda seems like we’re in a bit of a state of an emergency right now. Hopefully things get calmer but it feels like we’re not even halfway yet.

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