You Can Now Buy A Face Mask That Looks Like A Pair Of Testicles

The perfect stocking filler.

With the news that even though the lockdown is going to end on December 2nd, most areas of the country are probably going to face Tier 3 restrictions for the foreseeable future, it probably means that we’re going to have to continue to wear face masks for a while as well.

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So why not use the opportunity to buy someone you love a face mask that looks like a pair of testicles for Christmas? Even if they won’t ever wear the mask, it’ll probably at least get a wry chuckle out of them as they rip it out of its wrapping paper or plastic bag or whatever you hand it to them in this year.

The testicle mask are made from silicone and are available from a guy who lives in Blackpool named Billy. Here’s what he had to say about them:

I recently organised my best mate’s stag do, which was a massive success,

I didn’t want to dress him up in the traditional ‘dress/morph suit/dildo’ so I decided to attempt to make him a pair of Bad Grandpa-inspired dangly testicles.

I have had experience with makeup and creating prosthetics in the past and after a couple of attempts I managed to make a very convincing pair.

Yes, it’s certainly true that they are a very convincing set of balls.

Great. If you fancy buying yourself a mask it will set you back a fairly hefty £25, but what price is that for making your mates laugh or offending everyone you meet when you walk around the supermarket? Be warned, they are selling very quickly so if you want to guarantee getting one then I would probably make sure you order one right away.

For more of the same, check out this couple throwing hot coffee on someone for not wearing a mask. No chance of that happening with a testicle mask.


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