Someone’s Managed To Upload 60 Mins Of Uncensored North Korean TV

North Korean TV

Brainwashing the nation.

North Korea is still the most mysterious country in the entire world. The last remaining territory under Soviet-style communism, its dictator Kim Jong-un continues his family’s line of enigmatic and tyrannical ruling over the nation.

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Kim’s family is only able to continue its powerful dictatorship through heavy censorship and vigorous propaganda (bordering on brainwashing). Whether this fact remains true, I’ve heard that many North Koreans still believe that Kim Jong-un is able to control the weather.

All of this, of course, makes the Hermit Kingdom once of the most fascinating phenomenons to this day. Which is why you’ll be pleased to know that someone has uploaded an entire hour of uncensored, unedited North Korean TV onto YouTube. Between minutes 10-18, there’s a story told through dancing, which shows a boy and mum being brainwashed by a Catholic priest. After the priest kills the boy, the text states, “Do not forget the brutality of American things.” There’s also a documentary about a clothing factory and mining and the last section shows North Korean kids partaking in dance and music. Basically, a lot heavier than ‘I’m a Celeb’ and ‘Eastenders’:

If that got your curiosity juices flowing, take a look at the North Korean photos Kim Jong-un doesn’t want you to see.


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