North Korea Says They’ve Started Building Nukes Again And Tells USA They Are “Fully Ready” For War

Kim’s lost his marbles again.

North Korea confirmed on Tuesday that they’re going ahead with their revamped nuclear weapons program and have restarted the Yongbyon plutonium reactor (the source of its fissile material) to that effect.

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Experts say this reactor is capable of producing around 6kg of plutonium a year — enough for one nuclear bomb.

North Korea is ready “at any time” to use nuclear weapons against the US and other “hostile” countries. Not sure about that but the fear is that they’re moving closer to being able to combine nuclear weapons and missile delivery systems.

They added that they’re preparing to launch a long-range rocket at some point in the near future, reportedly for the country’s “space research program”.

The world will clearly see a series of satellites of [North] Korea soaring into the sky at the times and locations determined by the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.


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I feel like North Korea does this every time they haven’t been mentioned on the news or Internet for a while. Everyone’s talking about Donald Trump and the Syrian refugees and whatnot and Kim Jong-un throws a tantrum and decides to threaten the US completely out of the blue. We really need to start paying more attention to him before he pulls the trigger one day.

Maybe another porky pie about how he cured AIDS and Ebola is in order.


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