North Korea Are Training Players To Be Better Than Lionel Messi And Dominate World Football

Barcelona's Argentinian forward Lionel M

Shouldn’t be too hard.

It’s well known that Kim Jong-un seeks to dominate the world and become the next superpower, but I don’t think anyone thought that this plan included dominating the world of football as well.

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Sure, North Korea had a team present at the 2010 World Cup but haven’t exactly set the world on fire by then, so it might come as a surprise that a guy named Ri Yu-Il – a coach at the Pyongyang International Football School, the country’s only football academy – recently revealed the following plans:

We are training our students to become super-talented players who can surpass the skills of people like Lionel Messi.

For now, I think we should dominate Asia and, in the near future, I hope that we will achieve global dominance.

Pretty sweet situation for them to be in I suppose – just train their players to become better than Lionel Messi. Don’t think anyone else in the world has ever tried to do that. Can see all the guys pictured below being world beaters sure.


Should work out perfectly for them, although the coach of the North Korean team isn’t so sure. Here’s what Norwegian Jorn Andersen had to say about the plan:

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I don’t think [North Korea] can make a Lionel Messi, but I think they can make good players for Asia. There are many talented players but they always have to stay inside the country. They can’t go out.

When they are always playing inside [North Korea], it’s difficult to create better players.

Think he’s probably onto something there, although I’m definitely looking forward to see what North Korea can come up with for the next couple of World Cups. Bearing in mind that they’re also ranked 126th in the world between the other two great footballing nations of Armenia and Ethiopia, it probably won’t be long until we see them beating England in the knockouts with this plan in action. Wish I was joking.

For more North Korean football, check out how their country reported their exploits at World Cup 2014. That’s a World Cup that they didn’t qualify for if you weren’t paying attention.


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