None Of Donald Trump’s Phone Calls Are Secured, But Nobody Cares Because He’s Too Dumb To Spill Secrets

Trump Phone

The leader of the free world.

I haven’t given much thought to this previously, but given how easy it seems to hack someone’s phone or get radio surveillance on somebody’s call, I would expect that important political players would be doing everything in their power to ensure that their phones weren’t being tapped out.

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President Donald Trump of course has to be sadly predictable about this and use his own personal iPhone all the time that has absolutely zero extra security on it – it’s just a regular iPhone like mine or yours – so literally anyone in the world could be listening in on what he’s saying. At least the Russians and Chinese, if not the governments of the whole entire world.

The reason for this? Apparently Trump doesn’t want to use the secure White House lines as it means that senior aides within the White House will know who he’s calling. So basically he doesn’t trust some of the most senior people in his administration with what he’s saying on his calls or knowing who he’s calling, BUT it’s OK for other governments to listen in on him. Excellent.

That might have you all screwing but don’t worry – these senior staffers don’t believe he’s gonna drop any clangers and secrets on the phone either. That might sound crazy to you given Trump’s big mouth, but it’s true because they notice that he doesn’t bother reading most of his briefings so he literally doesn’t even possess the knowledge to divulge these secrets. Actually I don’t even know why I’m screwing about this – sounds like Trump knows exactly what he’s doing and has this all under control and we shouldn’t worry.

Trump Phone

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I know Sick Chirpse isn’t the most reliable or trusted news source out there so just to highlight how this is actually true I copied the following two paragraphs from The New York Times and here’s a link to the actual article too:

Mr. Trump typically relies on his cellphones when he does not want a call going through the White House switchboard and logged for senior aides to see, his aides said. Many of those Mr. Trump speaks with most often on one of his cellphones, such as hosts at Fox News, share the president’s political views, or simply enable his sense of grievance about any number of subjects.

Administration officials said Mr. Trump’s longtime paranoia about surveillance — well before coming to the White House he believed that his phone conversations were often being recorded — gave them some comfort that he was not disclosing classified information on the calls. They said they had further confidence he was not spilling secrets because he rarely digs into the details of the intelligence he is shown and is not well versed in the operational specifics of military or covert activities.

Yep, these are the stupid games that the leader of the free world is playing in 2018. Thanks for that America.

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