Nokia Release A New Phone With A Battery Life Of 24 Days And A Headphone Jack And Only Costs £30


Imagine never having to charge your phone. And still being able to use your headphones with it.

Back in the day when mobile phones first started becoming popular, Nokia was pretty much at the top of the game, then Blackberries and iPhones came out and everyone was like ‘see ya later’.

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Not to be deterred, Nokia have been at it under the radar for the last ten years releasing phones that nobody really bought, but their new model could be a real game changer. That’s down to a couple of major components of it – it has a battery life of 24 days and costs only £30.

You might think you would lose some of the perks you get with your iPhone or Android because of this and it’s true you do, but the Nokia 216 stills offers Facebook and the internet. Unfortunately it runs on Bluetooth, has a 2.4 inch display and a 0.3 megapixel camera, so it’s a severe downgrade for anyone who’s used to your typical smartphone. It does have an MP3 player you can plug your standard headphones into though, so there is that.


Basically, if you lose yours and can’t afford a new one straight away it could be a handy stopgap until your next big paycheque. It’s also probably pretty good if you’re going to a festival or travelling or just need a burner for some reason. That is if it wasn’t currently only available in India, but hey with characteristics like it has I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t showing up on the blackmarket over here pretty soon.

No word if it has Snake though, but if you want to see someone complete the classic game then click here.


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