Here’s Why The Nokia 3310 Is The Best Phone Ever Made


The indestructible mobile.

Earlier this year saw the fantastic news that Nokia were bringing back the world’s most classic mobile model – the 3310.

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In light of this news, YouTuber Marques Brownlee decided to answer the ultimate question: is the Nokia 3310 the perfect smartphone? It certainly is reliable, it has the longest battery life and it’s virtually indestructible. Watch Marques go into more detail on why the 3310 is simply the best:

Now before you throw out your iPhone and replace it with a Nokia, just be aware that this was posted as part of an April Fools day prank. Nevertheless, there are some aspects of a Nokia 3310 that smartphones should really think about adopting i.e. durability.

That thing is basically indestructible… well, nearly.


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