Nine Men In Court After Filming Themselves Castrating Each Other For Depraved Livestream

Thought we only saw this kind of thing on ‘Luther’.

I imagine most people have probably watched ‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’ at this point and commented upon how stupid it is because there’s no way creepy people all over the world would join up to some weird snuff movie website (amongst other aspects of course), but then you click on this story and realise that there are a whole bunch of people out there who are really into some freaky stuff.

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45 year old Marius Gustavson was the mastermind behind the ‘Eunuch Maker’ website that would live stream people having their penises, testicles and other body parts removed for their perverted viewership. Gustavson was a leader in more than one sense of the word too, as he was more than happy to have his nipple, penis and half of his leg removed for the joy of those watching at home.

Gustavson was appearing in Westminster Magistrates’ Court yesterday (March 22nd) alongside nine other men charged with running the depraved website including 65 year old Peter Wates, Romanian national Ion Ciucur, 28, Nathan Arnold, 47, Damien Byrnes, 35, and Jacob Crimi-Appleby, 22. They’re all standing for a variety of different offences including GBH with intent, acquiring or possessing criminal property, making an indecent image of a child and distributing an indecent image of a child. Most of the counts of GBH are related to the men cutting off Gutavson’s body parts.

All of the men are alleged to be part of a society where people willingly undergo extreme boy modifications in order to become ‘nullos’ – people that have had their penises and testicles removed. It’s estimated that they made around £200,000 from the operation over the last six years.

Geez. I know you read about stuff on the Dark Web and see it in stuff like ‘Luther’ but you don’t really ever think that there’s a clandestine secret society out there actually involved with all this stuff. There’s a lot of questions about what’s going on in all of these people’s head and why they’re involved with it, but I guess we’re probably not going to find out what all that’s about until the inevitable Netflix documentary. Hopefully not too long to wait. Be really interesting to hear how these guys are even sentenced on a case like this!?

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