‘Castration Cannibals’ Claim They’ve Been Chopping Off Dicks And Eating Them For 15 Years

You might want to hold onto your genitals for this one.

Two men accused of carrying out illegal gender reassignment surgery at their cabin in the woods of Oklahoma and then keeping the body parts in a fridge (possibly to eat later) have been arrested.

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As per the Oklahoman, Bob Lee Allen, 53, and Thomas Evans Gates, 42, were apprehended when they tried to visit one of their victims in hospital (how nice of them).

Le Flore County Sheriff Rodney Derryberry told reporters:

I can’t say it’s cult activity. It is something that we have never in my career run across in this part of the country. It is borderline some type of activity.

Apparently Allen & Gates, who would carry out the procedures for FREE on consenting victims, claim to have been chopping penises off in the woods for 15 years (with videos to prove it) and kept their victims awake the whole time with only local anesthetic.

If this doesn’t already sound horrific enough, here are a few more terrifying excerpts from the article:

The victim “stated that after the surgery was over that Allen said that he was going to consume the parts and laughed and said that he was a cannibal,” according to the affidavit.


The victim further stated that Allen “had six more clients on the way to have the same operation” and that Allen “informed him that he had a freezer with body parts and showed him pictures on his phone.”


The victim said Allen took him to the hospital the next day because he had a lot of bleeding after first telling him, “No morgue. No ER.” He said Allen told him that if he passed out or died that he would dump him in the woods, according to the affidavit. He said Allen instructed him to say “he done it to himself” once they arrived at the hospital.


In a search of the cabin Oct. 15, investigators found a plastic bag “with what appeared to be testicles” in a deep freeze in a bedroom.

Jesus! I know it’s tough to turn down freebies in this world, but maybe one you should consider overlooking is a free castration in some dingy cabin in the woods in Oklahoma by a pair of Hannibal Lecter wannabes who definitely don’t have medical qualifications. Just something to keep in mind in case you’re ever tempted.

OK you might say gender reassignment surgery is expensive and it’s something gender dysphoric people feel they really need in order to live their lives, but even still, it’s that level of desperation that allows freaks like Allen & Gates here to take advantage and eat your dick for breakfast. So yeah, if you’re someone seeking gender reassignment surgery, how about starting a GoFundMe or something instead of accepting free surgery by some Oklahoma hillbillies in their cabin in the woods. Thoughts & prayers to anyone that ever ate a sausage at one of their barbecues too.

To read a 21-year-old cannibal’s description of what it was like to eat his 45-year-old lover’s brain, click HERE. Yum?


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