‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Is Getting A Sequel

Nightmare Before Christmas

But it’s not what you think.

As far as Christmas movies go, Tim Burton’s ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is one of the best ones out there, even though it’s almost 25 years old now.

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I don’t really remember the plot line as it’s been a hot minute since I’ve seen it (back in the cinema in 1993, geeeeeez), but I remember absolutely loving it and the fact that people still talk about it and it’s on TV pretty much every Christmas is testament to the fact that it truly is a modern day classic. And like all modern day classics, it’s finally going to give the people what they want in the form of a sequel.

There’s a catch though – the sequel isn’t going to come in movie form but comic book form instead. ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero’s Journey’ will focus on Jack Skellington’s dog Zero and his adventure around Christmas Town accompanying Jack in the original movie.

Nightmare Before Christmas 2

The comic series is due to be released in Spring 2018 and will be followed by a collected version that will probably be in stores for Christmas. It’s a bit of a cop out doing the sequel as a comic book – I mean ‘Fight Club 2’ was kinda crappy in that format – but at least we get to see these characters again. Who knows as well – maybe if it does well then it’ll get made into a movie. Fingers crossed.

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