Nigel Farage Is Being Body Shamed Over This Photo Of Him Watching For Refugees At Dover

So mean.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has spent the last few weeks comparing migrants arriving in Kent after crossing the Channel to an ‘invasion’ – which seems a bit of a strong word when you see it’s like a dozen, soaking wet, unarmed people showing up in a dinghy.

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Well anyway, it looks like Nigel decided to make a day of it and threw on some shades before chilling on the grass under the sunshine and waiting for those migrant boats to come in. This led to some absolutely ruthless comments about the size of Nigel Farage’s head and just his body in general – kickstarted by Guardian journalist Hannah Jane Parkinson.

Sheesh… so mean! There’s no shortage of people rushing to Nigel Farage’s defence and pointing out it’s the angle/perspective of the camera that makes his head look too big for his body and also damning every body-shaming Tweet as nasty and hypocritical. And that about sums up the internet really – a) people that can’t take a joke and b) people who will break their own #bekind mantras if they perceive the subject as a categorically bad person.

Can’t we all just get along?

To watch Sky News conduct an absolute flop of an ‘interview’ with migrants arriving over the English Channel, click HERE.


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