Sky News Under Fire For ‘Interview’ With Migrants Crossing English Channel Into UK This Morning

Is this acceptable reporting from Sky News?

Earlier today, the people over at Sky News sent a team out to the British waters to see if they could capture footage and maybe get an exclusive interview with some migrants arriving into the UK.

Sure enough, they did. And what an interview it was…

Lol @ “are you OK?”. Yeah, just traveled for miles and miles from a war-torn country with no water, food, clothes or money, left family and friends behind, risked sinking & drowning, but yeah I’m sound thanks – you?

Safe to say – Twitter was not happy:

Controversial stuff. Obviously there is a wider debate to be had regarding the immigration issue and whether UK schools, hospitals and accommodation can handle a constant influx of new arrivals at this rate, but the concern here seems to be Sky News’s attempt to interview these people as they arrive in the first place.

Is there value in Sky News reporting on this? To be fair, I think there is. It is happening, and we get to see it. That’s journalism. If they were in danger I would hope/presume the journos on the boat would assist. Meanwhile, they’re just reporting the facts. If anyone watching found it ‘entertaining’, then that’s their issue to deal with.

I’m not sure it’s fair to say that Sky News is trying to make ‘light entertainment’ of the situation rather than just report on it. But I guess it’s hard not to be cynical given what a complex issue it is and some of the questionable reporting on UK migration in the past. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson has said he is looking into changing laws that allow ‘stupid and dangerous’ migrant crossings into Britain. So I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more on this topic in the coming weeks and months.

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