Nicolas Cage Wants To Kill His Kids In Bizarre New Horror Movie ‘Mom And Dad’

Mom And Dad

‘Like Home Alone on bath salts.’

It’s fair to say that Nicolas Cage has played an absolutely demented nut case more than a few times in his long and storied career, but his latest movie might be his most insane role yet.

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The movie is called ‘Mom And Dad’ and revolves around some kind of bizarre epidemic that makes parents want to kill their children. It’s been described as ‘Home Alone on bath salts’ and if you check out the trailer below I’m sure you’ll agree that that is one hell of an accurate description:

That looks completely nuts right? Just the sight of Nicolas Cage singing the Hokey Cokey whilst pummelling a pool table with a sledge hammer has me salivating over what could be his greatest performance ever.

Literally can’t wait to see this, although it looks like I’m going to have to wait a while as there’s no official release date in the UK just yet. Major bummer, but hey I can always enjoy this Nicolas Cage supercut until then. Master.


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