New York Daily News Responds To Criticism By Printing The Most Sarcastic Cover Ever


Trolling has come full circle.

Following the San Bernardino shootings last week, the New York Daily News decided to print a pretty controversial cover, aiming at the fact that a whole bunch US senators said that their thoughts and prayers were with the victims, but weren’t actually actively doing anything to stop similar events happening in the future by challenging gun legislation in the country.

This is what it looked like:

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Of course, needless to say the American Christian community was suitably offended by it as they didn’t understand that the newspaper was critiquing the fact that these senators were praying instead of taking action – they just thought they were critiquing all prayer and religion in general. As such, A LOT of hate was directed at the publication because of the cover.

What was their response to this? Publish a retraction or apology like most meek newspapers? Change their editorial policy so that nothing like this would happen ever again? No, they actually did something that required a bit of balls and decided to print the below on their front page.

Everything Is awesome

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Wow. Admittedly I’m not a newspaper connoisseur but I can’t remember ever hearing about a publication printing such a deliberately sarcastic front page. Is this what we’re going to see now when newspapers get butthurt because people are criticising what they’re putting out?

It seems a bit extreme – and a little bit stupid – but it sure is funny and hopefully will succeed in getting the message across. The problem is though that most people reading it are probably as stupid as the American Christians who kicked up in the first place. It’s basically a no win situation, but fair play for the New York Daily News for giving it a shot and sticking two fingers up at vocal idiot groups.

Probably the best front page since these guys accidentally ran one with an inappropriate photobomb on it.


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