New York City Couple Break Up On Roof; Guy Live Tweets Everything

Rooftop Breakup

Obviously when you hear two people having a very loud and public breakup then you should immediately livetweet exactly what is happening.

Comedian/writer Kyle Ayers (nope, me neither) was sitting on his Brooklyn rooftop (not sure why, can imagine it’s pretty cold over there) when suddenly a couple showed up on the roof and started breaking up. Great location to head to for that. Anyway, being a comedian/writer Kyle Ayers thought it would be a great idea to live tweet the whole incident and in fairness to the dude he was completely right because some of these lines are completely golden.

Of course, being a comedian/writer and seeing how easy it is to gain pretty much international notoriety by livetweeting a break up, it’s possible that Kyle Ayers made all this up for attention and nobody seems to be mentioning that, although it seems to me like it was all too real. Maybe he’s just that good a writer though.

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