This New Vibrating Alarm Clock Wakes You Up With An Orgasm


Good moaning.

Waking up in the morning is never the most fun of experiences, but what might make it better is you were woken up with an orgasm.

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Although that’s probably happened to a few of us who have particularly generous boyfriends/girlfriends, it’s never likely to be a regular occurrence and that’s where this new invention comes in handy if you’re a woman. It’s an alarm clock that wakes you up by vibrating and giving you an orgasm. Awesome.

The Little Rooster is a small plastic device that you wear inside your underwear so that the long plastic rod sits on your clitoris. You then program in an alarm time and instead of emitting a loud noise the vibrator just goes to work, starting slowly but hopefully getting to the point where you’re moaning in ecstasy, just like the inventions tagline suggests:

You wake slowly. Sensually. Pleasurably. Feeling confident. Happy. Aroused.


It has 27 different levels of functioning and also comes with a travel lock so you can walk around with it in your pants if you so desire, as this story from one customer reveals:

I wore it during romantic dinners, set to go off during dessert as we sat watching the sun set over the beach.

I think the waiters must have thought I hadn’t had a creme brûlée in months!

Yeah, or that you were a dirty bitch with a vibrator in your pants. In any case, The Little Rooster is priced at £69 and you pre order it via the company’s website, although they’re currently sold out because girls just love their orgasms don’t they?

If this isn’t what you’re into though, maybe you could pick up a vibrator shaped like your partner’s head instead. Just an idea.


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