Girls Replacing Their Bras With Fish Is The Dumbest Social Media Trend Ever

Fish Bras Featured

Female empowerment in 2016. Or something.

The latest in a never-ending list of internet trends and memes is upon us with the current fad of girls replacing their bras with fish.

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It seems to be the work of Instagram account ‘Fishbras’ that already has upwards of 120,000 followers on it and solely posts pictures of girls holding fishes over their boobs. If you’re into that, then here are a few of the best pictures below:

Fish Bras 1

Fishbras 2

Fishbras 3

Fishbras 4

Fishbras 6

Fishbras 7

Fishbras 8

Fishbras 9

Fishbras 10

Fishbras 11

Fishbras 12

Fishbras 13

Fishbras 14

Fishbras 15

Wow, um great I guess? I suppose the only question left to ask really is whether or not these girls are actually catching these fish themselves or if someone else is doing it for them. I guess if it’s getting girls into fishing then at least it’s useful for something, right?

For more fish, here’s a guy getting a live fish pulled out of his throat. Fishbras is probably more entertaining than that.


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