This New TikTok Influencer Loves Covering Herself In Her Own Poop And Eating It

The hero we need right now.

I think everyone out there familiar with the TikTok platform will agree that it’s full of some of the biggest weirdoes on the internet, but this woman named ‘I Am Dung’ might just take the cake.

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She first came to my attention when someone on Twitter claimed that she had covered herself in shit to support George Floyd and the #BlackOutTuesday movement, but it became pretty clear just by watching her video and then checking out her channel. Turns out that this is just a regular day thing for her and she think that covering herself in shit and eating it allows her to test her ego and connect closer with God or some mumbo jumbo bullshit like that.

Take a look for yourself and see what I mean (included the original tweet about #BlackOutTuesday because it’s been deleted from her TikTok, but obviously ignore the fact that it’s linked to that because it doesn’t have anything to do with it):

@iamdung6What shit salvation looks like! I also like to eat poop feces! Make this the most liked video on TikTok and I will post more dung eating shit videos!

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@iamdung6How hot is the EGO? ##BuffaloWildWings eating Mango Habanero as ##shit feces poop! Discover what you don’t know follow me! Share! ##meditation

♬ original sound – iamdung6

Jesus. What the hell is all that about? What is wrong with this person and why do they want to cover themselves in shit and post videos of it on the internet and try and encourage other people to do the same?

I don’t know if this actually some method of self expression or enlightenment or whatever she’s claiming it to be, but it seems to me like she’s mentally ill and probably shouldn’t be given a platform such as this to share her weird ideas. Surely it can’t be healthy to spread videos of people covering themselves in shit and eating it? No good can come of that, can it?

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