Watch The New Slackline World Record – 500 Metres Between Two Peaks In The Utah Desert

Theo Sanson Slackline World Record

This guy has got some balls.

Slackliners must get really pissed off all the time – it seems like it was only yesterday that someone broke the world record and then someone else comes out of the woodwork and absolutely smashes it out of the ball park.

This time it’s the turn of French daredevil Theo Sanson who decided to slackline for an unbelievable 500 metres between two peaks in Castle Valley, Utah – The Rectory to Castleton Tower – to set a new world record. In fairness, even getting the line set up is probably as impressive a feat as slacklining it – how the heck would you even do that, surely you couldn’t carry it from one peak to the other?

Make no mistake the slacklining itself looks absolutely terrifying as well – look how much the rope bends in the middle of the run in the video below:

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Oof. I don’t know how more people don’t die when they’re attempting these things. I suppose he was at least tied on for this attempt – I would normally call him a pussy when there’s a lot of people that do these world record attempts without a safety device, but when you see what he’s actually doing then you can’t really call him that can you?

If you want to see something even more extreme than this, check out this slackline attempt between two hot air balloons. Absolutely insane.


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