Watch Spencer Seabrooke Break The Record For Longest Free Solo Slackline Walk, 290 Metres Above The Ground

Slackline World Record Spencer Seabrooke

Absolutely gut wrenching stuff.

Last week, a guy called Spencer Seabrooke ascended 290 metres above British Columbia to try and break the record for the longest free solo slack line walk ever in a spot known as the Itus. He managed to smash the record by 7 metres after completing the 64 metre course but not without a few gut wrenching moments where he slips and falls and would have quite literally died if he hadn’t managed to grab onto the line in time.

I guess that doing stuff like this makes these guys feel alive but man, I feel like puking just watching this kind of stuff, it is definitely not for me. Even the cinematographer who filmed it – a guy named Zachary Moxley – said it was one of the scariest things he had ever witnessed:

This had to have been one of the most gut wrenching things I’ve experienced in my whole life, between operating the drone and watching him walk 290 meters above the earths floor, it was definitely something I have never experienced.

Exactly. Absolutely never going to do this myself, Spencer Seabrooke can keep his record as can these guys who tried to slackline between two hot air balloons a while back.

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