New Justin Trudeau Blackface Video Is The Most Damning Footage Of Canadian PM Yet

He didn’t just go blackface, he went full blackbody.

You may have heard about a number of photos and videos that have become public recently of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wearing blackface, which many are saying is especially newsworthy because he’s the first person to lecture others about this sort of thing with his particularly woke brand of politics.

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After 2 or 3 examples of blackface Trudeau found their way online, the Canadian PM admitted he couldn’t say how many times he wore blackface, which kinda makes it sound like it was something he did on the regular.

This week, the most damning video of the lot came to light – high quality footage of Trudeau not just in blackface, but in full-on blackbody. Yikes:

(Via Post Millennial)

Wowzers. I was so distracted by his blacked up knees that I almost didn’t notice the crotch enhancement going on there. This guy really stuffed his pants when going fancy dress as a black dude!

Again, maybe this wouldn’t be as big a deal if Trudeau wasn’t the #1 king virtue signaller out there when it comes to accusing others of bigotry and questionable behaviour in general. What’s really amazing is that he made it this far into his tenure as Canadian PM without these videos being released. He had to know they would leak eventually, right?

For the time Justin Trudeau corrected a woman saying ‘mankind’ and asked her to use ‘peoplekind’ instead, click HERE. Not kidding.


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