Justin Trudeau Corrects Woman Saying ‘Mankind’, Makes Her Say ‘Peoplekind’ Instead

Political correctness gone mad.

It’s no secret that Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is one of the biggest virtue-signalling social justice warriors on this planet.

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Well this week it transpired that Trudeau has a problem with the term ‘mankind’, as it isn’t inclusive enough. In fact he insists that you use the word ‘peoplekind’ in its place. I’m not kidding:

Here’s some of the reaction online:

You have to wonder if the guy is suffering from some kind of mental health issue. I mean he actually kept a straight face and is being 100% serious when he says the term ‘peoplekind’ should replace ‘mankind’, which is in itself an all-encompassing term.

This guy is already changing Canada’s national anthem to make it ‘gender-neutral’, now he wants to change the English language too. What a grade A twat.

No wonder Prince George refused to high-five him that one time they met.


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