The New Jason Bourne Trailer Just Dropped And It Looks Immense

Jason Bourne > James Bond

The Bourne movies are all generally great action flicks. Even the one without Matt Damon in it was pretty good.

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But it’s nice to see the man himself is back for the fifth installment of the Bourne franchise, where he’s kicking ass and taking names as per his old self.

Watch below:

Looks pretty sick right? I mean at the end of the day, if you’ve seen one Bourne film, you’ve seen them all. It’s always the same story over and over but that’s not necessarily a problem if it’s done right. Basically there’s a new underground gang of criminals every time who are more dangerous and sophisticated than the last underground gang of criminals. And at one point those criminals will spot Jason Bourne’s face on one of their big computers, zoom in on him and go, “oh my god! That’s Jason Bourne!” Then he kills them and gets off with the girl who helped him. Sorry for the spoilers – as said, it’s still going to be worth a watch.

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