Game Of Thrones Just Got Turned On Its Head With This Outragous New Character Announcement

Game Of Thrones Iron Throne

The show will never be the same again.

Game Of Thrones is one of the most loved TV shows on the air at the moment, thanks to its combination of high octane fantasy, graphic sex and unpredictable deaths, but this latest promo hints at a change in tone for the show with the introduction of a new character.

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I’ll say no more as it’s probably best that you see this for yourself before you hear anything about it, because it really is something else:

OK, so that obviously wasn’t real, but it might actually make Game Of Thrones a bit more enjoyable if they did bring in someone like Martin Lawrence to get into stupid situations and lighten everything up a bit? I mean honestly all these people dying every week is almost getting too much for me.

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