The New Waterproof £5 Note Is Launching Next Week – Here’s What It Looks Like

The New Fiver has arrived.

The petition to get David Bowie’s face on £20 notes may not have worked out, but one man who didn’t need a petition to get his mug slapped on British currency is the star of the new £5 note.

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The New Fiver, featuring Winston Churchill’s face, will launch on September 13 and by May 2017 will replace the current note bearing social reformer Elizabeth Fry.

Here it is in all its glory:


The Bank of England says the notes are “stronger, cleaner and safer” than ever before owing to the fact they’re made of polymer instead of cotton. This means they’re more durable, waterproof and can be recycled when they get worn out beyond use.




Guess what? There’s also a new Jane Austen £10 note coming next year and a J.M.W. Turner £20 note will be launched by 2020. Exciting times.

In the meantime, keep a look out for the (obviously fake) Kim Jon-un fivers that have been doing the rounds recently.


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