New Evidence Suggests The Russian Ambassador Assassination Was Staged Like A Movie Set


Controversial claims.

The world was shaken earlier this week when the Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, was assassinated in an apparent retaliation to the crisis in Aleppo. Not so long after, one Redditor claimed that the assassination was faked in order to cause more tension between Russia, NATO and the terrorists inside of Syria.

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Now another thread has come through by an unknown source showing a step-by-step photographic analysis explaining how not only was the assassination faked, but it was set up like a movie set and some of the footage was even photoshopped. Check it out:


russia-1 russia-2

Where is the cameraman from the start?

russia-3 russia-4 russia-5 russia-6 russia-7 russia-8 russia-9 russia-10 russia-11 russia-12 russia-13

Doesn’t it feel like a movie set?


Who is taking these pictures? The incident lasted no more than 15-20 seconds, yet there are many pictures and angles. The only thing missing is all the photographers and cameras.

russia-15 russia-16 russia-17 russia-18 russia-19 russia-20 russia-21

During this CNN video you see the shooter walking to the left to his current position, the video has a fading white transition and seems to skip a second or two because the man on the left completely vanishes, then the shooter pulls a handgun from his left coat pocket and begins firing.

russia-22 russia-23 russia-24

The camera randomly moves to this position.


Then to this one.


In this part of the video the camera swings to the left and then straightens back out while skipping and distorting (possibly due to the percussion of the gunshots effecting the camera) then the camera stops moving, one could assume the operator fell, but not before trying to get the action in.view.

russia-27 russia-28 russia-29 russia-30

Angle 2? Notice the table. The objects on the table do seem to match the objects in wider “movie set” image, by the way.


Angle 2? Different lighting and zoom, same moment. Maybe just Photoshopped?

russia-32 russia-33 russia-34

It does all seem weird that there are so many unexplained camera angles. As mentioned, if you were in that situation, which only lasted around 15 seconds, why would you be taking so many pictures? And why did the position of the tables change around? Then of course you can see by the news reports that the event is already being used to create more tension and worry regarding terrorism. You can certainly see how this whole thing looks staged.

Then again, you could argue that this was a public event and therefore the cameras were there to record the ambassador’s speech. Who knows what to believe? Frustratingly, we might never even find out. One thing’s for sure, fake or not fake, Vladimir Putin has responded to the incident by saying that Russian will be, “stepping up the fight against terrorism,” adding that, “the killers will feel it.” Gulp.


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