Check Out This Insane Evidence Proving The Russian Ambassador Assassination Is Fake


Case closed.

Yesterday saw the shocking news that Russia’s ambassador to Turkey was assassinated in an apparent retaliation for the crisis in Aleppo.

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Since then, many have speculated whether the shooting was faked and it appears that Redditor RIGGED_ELECTION has the evidence to prove it. In his thread, he initially announces that he has had professional opinion on the video, so it is not just his own ramblings. The first piece of evidence is that the ruffling of the ambassador’s shirt appears to be some sort of small explosive charge, evidenced by it being a flash of light rather than an exit wound from a gun shot. Just check out the freeze frame from the video below:


Furthermore, experts point out that the gun shots sound like blanks as there are no sounds of shells hitting the floor, which would be clearly heard in a room like this:

But most important of all, as this Redditor points out, there is no blood coming from the ambassador’s body. He concludes that this “staged” assassination will be used for more shitstirring between Russia, NATO and terrorists inside of Syria. It certainly makes for a strong argument and everything that he points out does seem to purport that the assassination was faked. Meanwhile, UK media is reporting on Russian ultranationalist leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky who says that the UK is to blame for his death. Who knows who to believe, but one thing’s for sure – we’ve got yet another strong conspiracy theory on our hands. They seem to be coming in thick and fast these days.


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