The New Batman V Superman Teaser Actually Has Us Pretty Excited

Batman V Superman Exclusive Sneak

Batman is in an extremely compromising situation here.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice has got a lot of things going against it – Ben Affleck is replacing Christian Bale, Zack Snyder is directing it – but every time I hear anything about or see anything about it – like this trailer – it does get me a little bit more excited about it. Maybe it won’t actually be the complete and utter horse shit that most people are predicting.

This new teaser actually got me pretty excited for it. It’s probably better for you just to watch it because it’s never as much fun just hearing someone talk about it.

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Intense huh? Why has Superman got Batman all tied up like a chump? Who are those guards who seem to be worshipping Superman? Who are all those other people tied up with Batman? Has Ben Affleck lost weight?

So many questions but I suppose we’re going to have to wait until the end of March for them to be answered, although another new trailer is premiering on Jimmy Kimmel this Wednesday so maybe we’ll see some more answers then.

Even if we don’t we can just watch this awesome fan made trailer for it and pretend that’s the really thing instead.


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