Here’s Why You Should Never Tell Your Mistress That You’re Getting Married (VIDEO)


The ultimate love rat.

If you’re stupid enough to have a mistress on the side when you’re about to get married, then you definitely don’t deserve a happy wedding day.

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The husband-to-be certainly got his comeuppance in the most savage way possible. Not only did his mistress rock up to the wedding, but she also showed up in the same dress and veil as the bride. Ouch.

The ceremony, which is believed to have taken place in Ghana, shows a woman busting in wearing the white gown. The jilted lover then starts screaming before grabbing the microphone to tell the guests that her fiancé is a love rat.

Ghana Audio Visual News, who uploaded the video online, said that a fight later erupted in the hall. Jesus, imagine being the bride’s parents. You’d want to kill that mother fucker. The poor woman is going to remember her wedding day for the rest of her life – but not for the reasons that she’d hoped for.

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