This Chinese ‘Sex Ritual’ In Front Of Horrified Wedding Guests Is Brutal (VIDEO)


Not getting married.

Your wedding day is generally supposed to be the happiest of your life, but I think if I was made to do what the happy couple have to do in this video then I might view it another way entirely.

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The video shows a recently married Chinese bride and groom who are apparently being forced to have sex by their guests under the covers of a red bed that has been placed in the lobby of the hotel or something. Literally got no idea where it is, or why this is happening for that matter.

All I know is that it’s plain weird – take a look for yourself. Apparently some of the guests are shouting stuff like ‘You climb onto his body now’ and ‘Are you two attached to each other?’ and there’s also a part where they’re forced to play with a banana as foreplay. Kinky:

Well yeah, I mean they’re probably not ACTUALLY having sex (spoiler) but I’m pretty sure you’re not going to want to spend your special day getting embarrassed like that.

If you’re already married then be thankful you didn’t have to go through that (I’m assuming you didn’t) and if you’re yet to be betrothed then perhaps cross that off the list of potential activities on the big day as well. Definitely going nowhere near it personally.

For more weird Chinese weddings, check out this pair that spent their wedding night transcribing the Communist Constitution. Sounds like real fun.


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