Here’s Why You Should Never Get Too Close To A Chimpanzee Enclosure

“It got Grandma”.

Everyone knows that poop-based humour is the cheapest form of humour, but I think we can make an exception when that humour involves a chimpanzee smashing a grandma in the face with a fistful of his own shit.

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Dramatic footage from John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids, Michican captured the moment this old lady received a stinky souvenir at the hands of a chimpanzee flinging his faeces:

Pinpoint accuracy from that chimpanzee there. And what a great reaction face from grandma!


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Pretty sure grandma needs to disown her entire family after this one goes viral. I mean you spend your whole life cooking up Sunday dinners and buying shitty Christmas presents for your loved ones, only for them to crack up laughing and turn you into an internet sensation the moment you get monkey poop in your face. Not cool.

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