This Chimpanzee That Escaped From A Japanese Zoo Is Straight Up Terrifying (VIDEO)

All hell breaks loose when this chimpanzee tries to make his getaway.

A chimpanzee has been captured after escaping from a zoo in Sendai, Japan. It was on the loose for over an hour, shitting people up everywhere it went and eventually climbing up an electricity pole to escape the crowds.

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Zoo officials had to shoot it with a sedative, and it eventually tumbled to the ground but not before showing off some slick balancing skills:

Really wish it would have got hold of the guy who shot it with a sedative. Proper went for him too but just couldn’t reach out far enough. Still it was pretty badass how he then pulled the dart from his back and held on to the wire till the very last second when the tranquillizer really kicked in. Definitely Planet of the Apes material. Maybe it’s the chimps we should be worrying about instead of Google’s walking robots.

P.S. Someone needs to tell these people that you’re meant to hold the safety net up, not just put it on the ground. Poor ape.


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